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NSGDatacom, Inc. develops and manufactures a range of innovative telecommunications voice and data products for bandwidth optimization, network management and disaster recovery. Our bandwidth optimization routers reduce the cost of transmitting voice and data over conventional telephone backhaul circuits, and operate seamlessly between terrestrial, satellite and wireless networks. Our VoIP gateways and protocol converters are used extensively by Fortune 1000, financial and telecom customers. Our voice compression, HF data modems and modular patch panel systems provide reliable military communications around the world.


  • RTNA over IP - Radio Tie Lines currently using PSTN or circuit switched data can now be migrated to IP using proven NSG technology. Police and Emergency services are able to increase reliability significantly and dramatically reduce costs associated with PSTN.
  • Wireless and M2M - Legacy Data, Modem and Voice connectivity for M2M Wireless, allowing existing and legacy communication technologies to connect via 3G/4G wireless with added optimisation features.
  • VoIP - Gateways for Analogue and Digital Telephony. Optimisation for SIP and standards based IP Telephony. Voice compression capability of up to 16:1
  • RAS - Remote Access connectivity for Utility, Security, Retail, Oil and Gas, Military and Government sectors
  • Fax over IP - Reliable Fax over IP supporting single analog fax machines to multiple fax line/PaBX
  • Disaster Recovery and Back up Management - Providing Automatic and reliable back-up for Data and Voice over alternate terrestrial, wireless or optimised satellite connections.
  • POTS and TDM - TDM and E1 over IP - Allowing multiple E1/T1 circuits to be transported over IP, including special features for optimisation over low bandwidth circuits such as Wireless and VSAT.
  • IP VSAT - Mediation devices that seamlessly connect and optimise your voice and data over modern IP VSAT services.



  • 911, Police and Emergency Services - Migration of RTNA Radio Tie Lines from PSTN to IP. Connectivity of Fax, Voice and Modem services over 3G wireless for Law Enforcement and First responders.
  • ATC - Air Traffic Control. Providing clear channel voice and remote radio control over IP and Leased Data circuits.
  • Banking - Dealer board/Turret interface, providing Hoot and Holler voice channels over IP and TDM circuits for Banks and IDBs. Inter bank communication including reliable Fax over IP with back-up options.
  • Security - Providing connectivity for alarm panels and alarm response centers ( ARC) over Terrestrial, Satellite and Wireless IP networks.
  • Utility - Providing low speed data (eg. Telemetry, Command and Control ) and voice connectivity over Terrestrial, Satellite and Wireless IP networks.
  • Shipping and Aviation - Providing Data connectivity and channel management for HF Radio links.
  • Telehealth - Providing M2M connectivity for Health monitoring equipment, alarm devices and Response Centers.


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last updated: 23-March-15